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 Here you will find information on upcoming classes that I'll be teaching.

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9/25 Mertztown, Pennslyvania Practical Mushroom Cultivation Class 

Mertztown, PA
Huntsickers' Grove Park
In Person Class
Instilling Grower Confidence
We’re pleased to be able to not only bring you a high quality cultivation class, but also to be bringing in the master of passive Fruiting @Unkle_Fungus and my good friend from Utah, @SaltyGrows (aka Ryan Thomas) both of whom many of you know! Drew (@UnkleFungus) wil be showcasing his expertise on Passive Mushroom Farming and Ryan will be my right hand man, assisting with the workshops and supporting the class overall.
From the comfort of a shaded pavilion, we’ll be bringing out a flowhood, a bunch of still air boxes, and a bunch of gourmet mushrooms we’ve grown. We’re all going to make substrates, learn about passive farming of mushrooms, get some hands on time in the flowhood at the park, we’ll be doing cloning and culture work, and we’ll end with a forray that may further extend our fungi filled day of fun!
Focusing on low tech growing methods, this class will be centered around practical mycology. Hands on substrate preparation, field cloning & lab work will be a few of the major features of this class. MUSHROOM GROWING ISN’T SCARY IF YOU’RE WELL INFORMED!
Schedule of Events
When: 10AM-5PM EST (maybe 6)
10-1030 – Meet and greet
1035-1135 – Intro to Low Tech Mushroom Cultivation
1135-1235PM – Passive Farming w/Unkle Fungus
1235- 1 – Lunch
1-2 – Low Tech Substrate Production Workshop
2-345 – (Lab) Flowhood Hands On | Cultures & Cloning
345-5 – Forray w/Unkle Fungus
5-? – Reviewing forray finds (cloning?), wrap up, departure.
All participants will leave with a radiant confidence and a new perspective towards mushroom growing.
All class attendees will leave with your own inoculated mushroom growing substrate, which you will be able to grow and propagate (cloning/spores) at home after the class, in addition to 5 Agar Plates and parafilm to clone the mushrooms you’ve grown!
GOOD FOOD will be provided courtesy of Kirbyville Menonite Market (Please write in at the time of purchase if you have dietary restrictions!)
In the past, we have found the following mushrooms at Hunsickers Grove:
Maitake, White Pored Chicken of the Woods, multiple Pleurotus species, Lions Mane, Lactarius Indigo, Beefsteaks, tons of Turkey Tail, and more! What will we find together?

10/2 Salt Lake City, Utah (Online) LOW TECH MUSHROOM CULTIVATION 

Red Butte Gardens, Salt Lake City Utah
Online Zoom Class

SATURDAY, October 2 @ 10AM-12PM

 Learn about the world of low tech mushroom cultivation and how easy it can be at your very own home with Ryan Thomas. This class will go over the basics of understanding mushrooms, various cultivation methods, how to choose the right location, and different types that you can grow. Low tech mushroom cultivation is directed more towards outdoor techniques but we will even be going over a very easy method that people can utilize if they live in an apartment with little extra space. 
An optional materials add-on will include everything you need to build a 5 gallon oyster mushroom grow kit that you can use inside or outside. Whether you decide to add on materials or just want to join the class without, Ryan will provide a list of resources to create your own mushroom kit at a later day at the end of class. MATERIAL KIT ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP NO SHIPPING OPTION OFFERED AT THIS TIME.